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Web magazine for Curry Fans

State Bank of Pakistan Issues New 100 Rupee Note

The City of Boiled Beans

A History of Leap Years


Vernal Equinox


A History of May Day

5 de Mayo

July in Chemistry

Traveling over  

Eternal Flame  


Modeling Mystical Union  

Waiting on the Row

Where have all the lap dancers gone?  

Dumb and Dubya  

Quiz No. 1 

What's In a Name? A site that explains the roots of popular names

Verbeek's Upside Downs  100-year old comic strips with a twist 

The Henry Ford of Diamonds De Beers quaking in its boots? 

The Battle for Goose Green  Gareth Perry returns to the Falklands 20 years later.

Happiness  How it comes on little cat feet

George W Kafka Ted Rall wonders about the jackbooted thugs

Melvin Durai's Humor "Born in India, raised in Zambia, brainwashed in America."

Primality Testing is in P  Two undergraduates help reclassify ancient problem on testing for prime numbers 

Final Examination "Read each question carefully. Answer all questions. Time limit four hours. Begin immediately."

Masters and Slaves Belafonte remark on Powell starts row

Third Time Lucky The 2002 Man Booker Prize goes to Canadian author Yann Martel for his seafaring fable, Life of Pi. 

Philosophyfootball.com "In Football Everything Is Complicated By The Presence Of The Opposing Team" Jean-Paul Sartre.

Mecca-Cola  "Don't Drink Stupid, Drink Mecca-Cola" 

Waters of Mars  Image of gullies eroded by melting snows on Mars 

Tommy Franks, Children's Entertainer Mark Steel on the propaganda charade

Sioux and Iraqis Michael Jansen on the history of the US 7th Cavalry 

Invasion By Numbers Jackson Thoreau refuses to 'get over it.' 

www.Chadsux.com Alternative News and Empowerment from the Broadside 

A nation that sleeps together stays together Mark Morford in the SF Chronicle 

Did You Hear The One About The Suicide Bomber? Inside the global menagerie of comedy: a devout Muslim female standup

Bohemia In Baghdad Max Rodenbeck ponders the general lack of happiness

Booker Long List 2003 Twenty-three candidates for the 2003 Man Booker Prize for fiction

Two Brands of Terror Richard Cohen on why a bomb in Baghdad is different from a bomb in Jerusalem

Eyewitness: Baghdad Robert Fisk chooses between juice and red wine on his flight from Baghdad.  

Photo Journals: Living in Baghdad,   Iraqi Police,   US Reservist,   War  

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam's speech in Hyderabad The President of India outlines his vision for his country 

Do Fish Feel Pain? James Hamilton-Paterson discovers fishing is a savage business

Hyder Akbar's Radio Diaries  Afghan-American teen reports from Kabul 

Hyder Akbar Redux Part II of eyewitness news from Kunar Province, Afghanistan

The Shakeout Reversals of fortune in the high-stakes Democratic primaries

McScience Richard Horton on Science in the private interest 

As We May Think Vannevar Bush's 1945 brave-new-world article 

Putting the Ocean In A Bowl The origin of the Buddha Image 

An Instant Indian Chakra View Edward Luce's bird-eye view of Indian elections

Bicycling To War Richard Cohen reviews Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack  

Killers with Cameras A view of Al-Jazeera from NY  

The Seven Million Dollar Questions The Millennium Problems 

Dear Mike, Iraq Sucks Letters from American soldiers serving in Iraq

Diwali 2004 Festival scenes from Jaipur, India 

Air Quality Index 04 New Delhi emerges as the most polluted city in Asia 

Fleshed Out A peep into the modern Indian bedroom 

The Art Of Failure Why we choke 

Take that, Rat-eater!  Outsourcing backlash meets racism 

Gilberto, Tux and Retrovirals Linux Roolz in Brazil

The Devil in Miss Jones  Hate Radio turns against the Tsunami victims 

E-Lopers  Global marriage adventures

Better Dead Than Red Don't blame me ...

The Rape of Bombay Vir Sanghvi on the recent monsoon-led disaster in Mumbai

A Search of Epic Proportions How big is the World Wide Web?

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Steve Jobs' commencement address at Stanford University, 2005

High on growth, low on development UNDP 2005 report gives poor marks to India's millennium development goals

In Praise of the 'Wobblies' Ted Gup on his personal compass and convictions

The Future of the Novel "When women stop reading, the novel will be dead"

3500 Years of the Thera Explosion Wiki on Santorini and the extinction of the Minoan civilization 

Little Boy, or Fat Man? Garrison Keillor on weighty leaders 

Left+Right Brain A Mensa Test

Sans legs, New Zealander conquers Mt. Everest  Three cheers for prosthetic limbs! (photo)

Symantec vs. Microsoft Why Symantec is suing Microsoft 

Politics and War by Other Means Tony Karon on how to watch the  Soccer World Cup 2006

The Onion Report: US may have been abused during formative years [Humor]

How To Have Fun In Baghdad Salam Pax's docudrama, on Google Video 

Lowering the Flag at the Indo-Pak Border Michael Palin reports from the Wagah crossing 

The Best Soccer Goals A collection 

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