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Ijtihad in Islam

Revolution in Iran  

Do we consume too much?

Endgame in Lebanon?  

The View from Damascus  

On Early Islam  

Earth Observatory  

Said meets Sartre  

Israel's Other Palestinian Problem  

We Are Bandits Guilty of Murder

The Great US Election Disaster  

The Last Taboo on the Middle East  

Sharon of Shatila  

Outrage in Afghanistan 

Ugarit, the birthplace of the Alphabet 

The Original Arabs, The Bedouin

All Good No Bad in Singapore   

A Voice Like Egypt  


The Truth About the Environment?

Israel the Goliath

Not Getting It 

Inadequate Banners: Ed Said on 9/11

Twin Towers  

The Failure of Muslim Societies 

Dubious Friends  

Beyond Good and Evil 

The Clash of Ignorance  

Terror & Tyranny  

Brutality Smeared in Peanut Butter  

King's Ransom

Burhanuddin Rabbani's Faizabad, Mamur Hassan's Dasht-e-Qala  Jon Lee Anderson's letters from the Anti-Taliban front lines

Green Birds of Paradise Nasra Hassan talks to the suicide bombers

The Six-Day War  Former US Ambassador's 1967 list of  the Israeli and Arab myths that fuel conflict

Barak's Generous Offer The bottom line on last year's Israeli-Palestinian negotiations at Camp David 

The Iraq Agenda Seymour Hersh has the scoop on what's next for Saddam

Crying for Argentina Paul Krugman opines that the IMF screwed Argentina

The rise of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Ahmed Rashid traces recent events and sees grim portent

Debt to Society How did the Land of the Free become the world's leading jailer?

You won't break them Breyten Breytenbach's open letter to Ariel Sharon

Shocked for the Wrong Reasons  The Jerusalem Post opines Le Pen is no threat

Official Terror The Village Voice special -- America's attack on civil liberties

On History's Ash Heap?   May Day obituary to Socialism from the WSJ 

Words of War Bob Ellis on his ever-lengthening anthology of American euphemisms 

What Bush's "war on terror" is really about Anthony Arnove interviews Howard Zinn

Free Market Fraud JK Galbraith in The Progressive Magazine 

The Push For War Anatol Lieven considers what the US Administration hopes to gain 

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence Martin Luther King's speech on American polity a year before his assassination. 

A Visit to North Korea Suki Kim goes to Chosun 

In Iraqi Kurdistan Tim Judah watches the Kurds prepare for war 

'Jus in Bello', Iraq and the US Michael Byer on the Laws of War, US-Style 

Iraq FAQ  Dilip Hiro compiles 'what you should know.' about the accusations against Iraq 

Only in America Norman Mailer on Bush's moral calculation -- a hung jury in the afterworld 

Will the Iraqi Army fight? Amir Taheri looks at 'how' and 'when' 

Idealism and the World Order Anatole Kaletsky looks for a new Palmerston 

Dark Moment Desmond Tutu and Ian Urbina reflect on War 

Baghdad is Burning 'What more can we say?' (translate)

Reporters' Log Despatches from Iraq 

Apocalypse Now John Sutherland reports on The Rapture

On the Front Lines Tim Judah continues his Kurdistan report 

Baghdad Diary  Intrepid Iraqi (?) posts from Baghdad

Scenes from the Carnage Robert Fisk reports on the collateral damage 

Mesopotamia, Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates Arundhati Roy on the incineration of the cradle of civilization 

Fisk's War A collection of reportage from Baghdad by Robert Fisk 

A Trap Of Their Own Making Anatole Lieven on the new imperialism

The Academy of Lagado Edward Said on Lewis, Ajami, and the "most reckless war in modern times."

So where are the WMD? Rupert Cornwell on a 'minor embarrassment' 

Dare we say the 'F' word? US post-war effort in Iraq close to a fiasco. 

The Globalization of Migration Control Why can capital flow freely, but not people? 

America Goes Backward Stanley Hoffman on Bush's depressing record 

Unprovoked Invasion of A Sovereign Nation Statement delivered on the Senate floor by Senator Robert Byrd

A Road Map to Where? Edward Said on the Bush/Sharon 'vision' in the LRB

The Unraveling of Tony Blair John Pilger thinks crimes do not melt away

For Empire's Sake Randeep Ramesh on Indians being asked to fight Iraqis

Blood for Oil America and Britain commence looting Iraq's oil

Death of an Usurper George Galloway, Labour MP, bids Blair 'hasta la vista' 

The Bushwhacking of America  UN Inspector Scott Ritter's new book on the West Texas lynch-mob.

Is Syria Next?  Charles Glass examines the encirclement of Damascus

Unbelievable Blair A neo-revisionist view of where Tony Blair went wrong

The Anglophone Empire Can occupation ever work? Amitav Ghosh reflects 

The Loneliness of Noam Chomsky Arundhati Roy on the relevance of Noam Chomsky

US Economic Folly Should Worry All Joseph Stiglitz on Bush's 'spectacular fiscal incompetence' 

An Occupied Country  Howard Zinn: Not a liberation but a brutal and sadistic occupation 

Worried? Us? The world we were born into has gone. We shall never completely recapture its climate, its seasons, the way its plants grew and its animals lived ..

Slaughter of Innocents Rory McCarthy describes the butchery of farmers by US hoods 

Cephu's Choice Is it natural for humans beings to want personal liberty? Or is it a peculiarly western concern? 

On The Job With A Taliban Recruiter Guess who're back?

Every Time The Wind Blows Nir Rosen rides with US Cavalry in Iraq's far west 

Two Measures of American Desperation How progressive are Wes Clark and Howard Dean? 

How America Sees the World 'How much does imperious America know of the world it wants to shape?' (opinions

In The Streets of Londonistan  The claim of the State that it is losing the never-ending, unprovable war with terror will result in a far greater prize. 

If Kerry's the Answer, What's the Question? William Blum is puzzled 

Apocalypse Please George Monbiot looks at the Deep South of the USA

Coke or Pepsi? John Pilger looks closely at Kerry and Bush 

Twilight at Easter  Jared Diamond draws lessons from Rapa Nui 

From L'Ouverture to Aristide Paul Farmer reports on the recent history of Haiti. 

Empire Notes  Rahul Mahajan's blog from Iraq 

Sharon's Withdrawal Symptom  Ilan Pappe warns that Israel is heading for disaster 

Out! Now! John Pilger weeps for Iraq

How to get out of Iraq Different contributors opine in The Nation

The Next Rwanda? Stephanie Nolan on Sudan's neglected nightmare; one opinion on what the US can do  

Osama & Bhindranwale Anil Athale explores similarities 

Europe vs. America Tony Judt on which of the two polities is living in the past

Plan B Seymour Hersh reports on Israel's alignment with the Kurds 

Losing It , The Fighting Poets Nir Rosen reports from Fallujah  

Prologue to a Genocide Alex de Waal recounts the history of Darfur 

Grace Under Pressure Geoffrey Hiller's photoessay on Burma 

Hardball Kaveh Afrasiabi looks at Iran's Uranium enrichment choices 

Iraq: yesterday, today, tomorrow Saeed Naqvi on history repeating itself

"History is no longer necessary" An interview with historian Eric Hobsbawm

The Taming of Sadr City Michael Schwartz reports from Baghdad 

Garibi Hatao? George Monbiot compares two competing models of economic development 

Real Aid Upto 86% of 'aid' is phantom aid

Bolivarian Revolutions ZNet Bolivia Watch page

Journey of Mankind A significant theory on how people came to inhabit the earth (flash)

The New Chauvinism George Monbiot on patriotism

Domestic Violence in the World A new UN study on the most common form of violence against women 

How Does One Set A Fair Price? NGO volunteer on dilemma of fair price for  immunodiagnostic products in Bangalore

Beyond Petroleum  Paul Driessen explores BP's makeover

War Porn and Iraq  David Swanson on the "trophy photos" from Iraq

The Massacre at Qana  Another shameful episode in the life of the Jewish nation 

Air War, Barbarity, and the Middle East Tom Engelhardt on the Israel-Hezbollah war 

The Queen Who Would be King New scholarship revises the story of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut  

The Israel Lobby: A Debate A video of a panel discussion on the influence of this 'lobby' 

How close to catastrophe? More thoughts on the climate crisis 

Managing Iraq's Collapse, Embracing the Nettles More on 'exit' from Iraq 

Living Hell Dahr Jamail on life in Baghdad 

The Gripping Mundane More Iraqi views on the War images/new.gif (111 bytes)

Stopping Genocide What science says about how we react to genocide images/new.gif (111 bytes)

Warmer, Warmer John Lancaster on psychological resistance to 'climate change' images/new.gif (111 bytes)


List of Newspapers

The Washington Report on Middle-East Affairs

Al-Bab: Gateway to Arab History

Indo-European Languages

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Islamic History, Philosophy and Scientific Thought 

Antiquarian Maps

Internet History Sourcebook Project  

Vietnam War Internet Project  

Battlefield Vietnam  


Hot and Bothered (Articles on Global Warming)  

Nepal Maoist Peoples' War Group  

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan


Picture This  

Z Magazine A community of people committed to social change

Welfare Association,  INTERPAL  Some Palestinian charities

Counterpunch "America's Best Political Newsletter"

Human Development Report 2002 UNDP scorecard on how nations and regions fare

Global Gloom and Growing Anti-Americanism Survey of what the world thinks in 2002 

A World Divided by War with Iraq Views of a changing world -- Global Opinions 2003

Chomsky's Blog Get your fix 

Neutral Observer VP, a "new kid on the blog"



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