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Politics & Culture:

Houston District GOP 2004 Platform Resolutions The voice of Harris County is the voice of God 

Bush's Theology of Empire Jim Wallis on the born-again president of good and evil

Apocalypse Please, Apocalypse Now What really underlies the bedrock support for Israel in America 

Making It Count Naseer Aruri writes of the choices facing Arab-American voters 

What's the Matter With Kansas? Jason Epstein reads Thomas Frank's new book

"Citizens Oath of Office" 2005 Robert Jensen on what it means to faithfully execute the office of citizen of the United States 

The Pioneers of Punjab Karen Leonard on California's Punjabi Mexican Americans

Dead Horse An Indian Blogger on the Fifth Anniversary of 9/11 

Bush's Useful Idiots Tony Judt on the Strange Death of Liberal America 

Our Long Nightmare Ted Rall on American prospects 

Conservatism Is Alive And Well Jonah Goldberg shrugs off the US elections 

I Am Macaca SR Sidarth on a Virginia welcome 

War of the Imagination Mark Danner on 'unknown unknowns', and known idiots 

Georgie, There's A Crowd Downstairs Sean Penn sounds off 

The Work Cut Out For US    Repairing a generation worth of damage images/new.gif (111 bytes)


"We're Shocked! Shocked!"  US media climbs onto Abu Ghraib bandwagon 

Blame The White Trash Gary Younge looks at Abu Ghraib scapegoating through the lens of class

Regarding the Torture of Others Susan Sontag asks if a video game ''Interrogating the Terrorists'' can really be far behind 

Unfit to Print?, Fatal Error Why The New York Times is at the heart of 'the lies of our times' 

Unhealed Scar Op-ed on Ronald Reagan's legacy in the Dawn 

Images From an Unseen War  Peter Tunney's photos from 1991

Stranger Than Strangelove  Qui custodiet?

Winning the Cold War (In Guatemala)  'A victory described in detail is indistinguishable from a defeat.' 

The Naked Hegemon: Part I Part II Andre Gunder Frank predicts the collapse of the USD 

The Coming Wars Seymour Hersh on Rummy's Cunning Plan 

Why The Children In Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall Who pimped Ms. Liberty?

Last Throes? Anything but, Pepe Escobar says of the Iraqi insurgency

War, America's Competitive Advantage Tony Judt  laments the new world order

Defend America, Become American Zia Mian on the unraveling of the US military

Torture Cells Found in Iraq How much more horror are we going to see?

War Without Rules George Monbiot says the coalition forces now seem guilty on all counts 

The New American Militarism Anatol Lieven on how Americans are seduced by war 

Superpower Vulnerability Henry Liu on the cost of Liberty  

What I Heard About Iraq in 2005 Eliot Weinberger records utterances 

'Never Before', Our Amnesiac Torture Debate   Naomi Klein looks back to the US using torture since Vietnam  

Hanoi Jane: American Patriot   Rick Perlstein on a political biography of Jane Fonda 

Iraqi Reconstruction Fraud Ed Harriman on the missing moolah 

Options for Iran Scott Bohlinger speaks freely

Nemesis Has Arrived  Chalmers Johnson on Tomdispatch

Iraq Diary Partick Cockburn on the breakup of Iraq  

The Israel Lobby  by John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt

The Iran Plans  Seymour Hersh's Annals of National Security

How To Lose The War On Terror  Perry and Crooke's ongoing analyses 

Flying While Arab Police state, anyone? 

The Least Accountable Regime In The Middle East, Where Has All The Money Gone?, Cronyism & Kickbacks Ed Harriman on the 'reconstruction' in Iraq

A Soldier's Story  A Major in US Army Intelligence shares his perspective from Iraq images/new.gif (111 bytes)

The Redirection Seymour Hersh's Annals of National Security continue images/new.gif (111 bytes)


Great Society:

Passing the Buck  UC Berkeley report on social cost of Walmart-style jobs 

Retro vs. Metro Dude, Where's My Job? Angst fills the Red-State/Blue-State Divide 

What Are You Going To Do With That? Mark Danner's advice to English majors

The Enemy Within Michael Massing examines whose side the US media are on 



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