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The Death of Socrates by David 


Ramayana 2004 Mount Madonna School's annual production of the ancient Indian epic 


Bawandar A new film from the Indian art movie scene

Fahrenheit 911 Walt Disney group blocks the US release of a documentary on Dubya 

Control Room Jehane Noujaim's film looks at the inner workings of Al-Jazeera during the invasion of Iraq

Bad Analysis Robert Jensen takes on Fahrenheit 9/11

The Evasions of Robert McNamara Fred Kaplan peers through The Fog of War

Alexander, The Movie! Daniel Mendelsohn sets the record straight 

The Merchant of Venice Frank Kermode says it will just about do

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price  Robert Greenwald's new documentary

"... Shall We Not Revenge?" Uri Avnery reviews two new films: Paradise Now and Munich



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