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Sites & Info:


Lonely Planet Online

Indian Railways



Traveling down GT Road

Salon Wanderlust Archive

Why I stopped shaving

The Atlantic Abroad - Travelogues

The Long Arm of the Chinese Law


Gone to Timbuctoo Excerpt from the book by Bruce Chatwin 

The Long Ride Home  Cass Gilbert goes cycling 

Tierra de Ninguem Shunya goes to the Pantanal 

The Lost City of Ugarit Shunya goes to the birthplace of the alphabet

Numen Inest Shunya goes to the desert of Wadi Rum

Poets & Bicycles, Always The Procreant Urge Two travelogues from Mark Scott, about a year teaching in Shanghai

Silk Road Roving Pepe Escobar reports from Central Asia

At the foot of Mt. Yasur Travel stories from the archipelago of Vanuatu 

Grandpoohbah's Blog Cool notes from the road  Local copy

The Open World Ryszard Kapuscinski remembers his very first trip abroad, to India


Palenque (and Agua Azul) A photo-essay on the ancient Mayan city of Palenque (and the nearby Agua Azul waterfall)

Luke Powell's Afghanistan Pictures spanning three decades

Corbett National Park Grandpoohbah's court visits the realm of the "large hearted gentleman" 

Land of two rivers Shunya visits the Indian Punjab


The Altavista Babelfish Automatic Translator

Currency Converter

Download Iridium's Global Time converter (MSFT platforms)

Language Translating Dictionaries

Foreign Language for Travelers

Voltage Conversion Information

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