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The Carvakas  Or, the ancient Indian school of radical materialism

A Day Trip to My Alma Mater  Sixteen years after graduation, Shunya visited IIT Kharagpur in Oct '05



Ali Akbar College of Music

Just Indian



Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

Indian Consulate-General, SF



Videos, CDs

Expensive Tchochkes

Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts


India Hotels


India Issues:

Asia Society on the Indian Elections

Biplab Dasgupta on Labor Standards and the WTO  

Indians Succeed, India Fails  

Oh, Kolkata

Dinesh Abrol: Seattle & Beyond  

Rural Poverty  


Umbrellas of Calcutta  

Guardians of Faith  

The Day it Rained Arms  

Catching up with China  

An India that can say No  

Operation West End  


Chandrababu Naidu & Vitamin A Rice  

Isn't there a Brigadier in Shillong?

The Basmati Patent  

Democracy and Famine Vandana Shiva on the real reasons for hunger

Slowing the spread of AIDS in India Bill Gates' op-ed piece in the NYT on why India needs help

Death is natural. It comes to everyone. Do not be afraid. NYT story on India's AIDS strategy.

Lost Journeys "Like giant iron needles, they once wove a country together" 

Psyops Pentagon mindgames and the Indian Army

The Flight to India The jobs Britain stole from the subcontinent 200 years ago are now being returned 

Outsourcing Wars, Class War  Scenes from the globalization struggles -- Wired & Washington Monthly features 

From Indiana To India More scenes from globalization: Cummins has an epiphany

The Absent Liberal Ramachandra Guha on that endangered species

Blind To Progress, Hollowing Agriculture Sebastian Mallaby faults India with failing to appreciate globalization, while Vikram Sen points out the decline in agriculture 

This is what we paid for George Monbiot on why the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh failed to appreciate globalization 

India, the GM trashbin Whose livelihood security, Monsanto's? 

Is Secularism Needed? Ashis Nandy says in India, Hinduism should suffice 

E-Waste in India Karl Schoenberger on the trail of a dirty little secret 

Muslim Slave System in Medieval India  KS Lal's book with a mission 


Newspapers & Magazines:

Asian Age
BBC News, Southwest Asia page
Business Line

Chowk: A South Asian progressive e-zine

CNN Interactive
Daily Star
Economic Times Online
Education Times
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
Himal Magazine
Hindu, The
Hindustan Times
India Connect, connecting India to the world
Indian Express

India Monitor  

Indian Technomist
India Star Review of Books
India Today
India World
International Journal of Hindu Studies

Islamic Voice

Kaurab, a Bengali poetry webzine
Manushi, a journal about women and society
Newstrack Index
Index to Newstrack, a monthly news video from India, covering 1988 onwards.
Parabaas, the complete Bengali webzine
Pugmarks: Indian News and Business
RagaNet: Electronic Journal of Indian Music & Arts
Sambad, Bengali internet daily
An online journal for the Indian communty.
Telegraph, The
Times of India

Biblio India's answer to the NY Review of Books? 


Web Resources:

All India Radio
Asian Studies Virtual Library (Australia)
Asia Society
Biodiversity Profile of India
Buddhist information network and BuddhaZine. Richly illustrated site with links to electronic texts, articles, Buddhist teachings and scriptures. Includes a worldwide directory of Buddhist organizations.
Census of India
Includes the District Census Handbooks (based on 1991 census), key population statistics, "India at a Glance" statistics, and a variety of other useful resources.
Children's Stories - Indian and Western 

Cyber India Online

Democracy in Ancient India 

Dial India India portal with an assortment of Links

Election Commission of India

Friends 2 Support A list of voluntary blood donors in India

A site about South Asia before 1947, and specifically historical and archeological work in the Indus Valley. Includes a wealth of images, audio and video clips.
Hindi Language Resources
Immortal Hindi Authors and Poets
India: unlimited avenues to an unlimited market
India Network Foundation

Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Indian Languages website  Indian Fonts

Indian Parliament home page
Legal and government resources, including the India Code and a Lok Sabha Who's Who.
India Related Links
A wide-ranging hodge-podge of Indian sites.

Indian Wildlife

Indology: Internet Resources for Indological Scholarship
Papers, discussions, resources about Indology including links to electronic texts in Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Tamil.
Internet Indian History Sourcebook
Comprehensive collection of original sources and texts from or about Indian history.
John Smith's home page
Includes ftp archives of South Asian fonts and classic texts, as well as links to the Centre for South Asian Studies and the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Cambridge.
Languages and Scripts of India
Resources on languages, dialects, linguistics. Includes images of original manuscripts as well as links to electronic texts.
A variety of online India resources, including photographs and art work.
SaralSoft, Software about India
Dealer for South Asian fonts, multimedia products, CDROMs, educational materials.
Self Employed Women's Association
A union organizing women workers in India, and sponsor of many cooperative enterprises and social security organizations.
Software Technology Park of India (Hyderabad)
Guidelines for exporting software to India.
South Asian Diaspora Archive
UC Berkeley Project.
South Asia Radio Guide
Links to Indian radio stations, including those broadcasting via the web.
South Asia WWW Virtual Library (Sarai)
A website about the early Vedic traditions and texts of ancient India (c. 1500 b.c.e.), including a selection of electronic texts, including the Rig Veda and Shatapatha BraahmaNa texts with detailed indexes.
Yahoo: Countries: India


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