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Univ. of Texas Map Collection: Kashmir  

News :  Indo-Pak Relations

Yahoo Full Coverage: Indo-Pak Relations

Rediff   Kargil  Coverage

BBC Kashmir Conflict Page

Indian Embassy Media Watch

Indian Embassy Congress Watch


Political & Diplomatic Background

War in Kargil

Cold War Outlook  on the Indian Army battling winter in Kargil

Unquiet Peace Praveen Swami in Frontline

Haqqania Madrassa

The Lawless Frontier

Draft Report of NSAB on India's Nuclear Doctrine

The End of Arms Control  

A Modest Proposal from the Brigadier

Pakistan on the Edge Ahmed Rashid worries about the precipice before Musharraf  

The White House and Pakistan: Secret Declassified Documents  Excerpts from FS Ijazuddin's forthcoming book

A Fine Fix  A poll victory for Pakistan's religious parties spells trouble. That's just what her military leaders were looking for.

The Situation Room  BBC 'reality show' predicts the US will threaten to bomb India over war with Pakistan

A Scrimmage at a Border Station A canter down a dark defile/ Five thousand pounds of education/ Felled by a five rupee jezail. 

If we're incinerated next week, blame Pakistan Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker 

The Net closes on Pakistan Syed Shahzad in Asia Times 

Indo-Pak: Same Game, New Rules Ceasefire means Plan B, says Syed S Shahzad in Asia Times

Confessions of a Failed Jihadi Lashkar-e-Toiba provincial commander reflects on his experiences 

Religion, Poverty, Madrassa Tariq Rahman compiles data from Pak madrassas 

Democracy In A Hot Climate Tariq Ali on Musharraf in his labyrinth images/new.gif (111 bytes)

Web Sites: 

US State Dept. Bureau of South Asian Affairs

Opinions:  Pak     

Ayaz Amir's Column

Ardeshir Cowasjee's Column

Tanvir Ahmed Khan in Dawn

Tanvir Ahmed Kan in Dawn

Tanvir Ahmed Khan in Dawn  

In the Cage, In Search of Grace  

How to be Bad  

The Edict of Bilal  

Military Intelligence Did Groucho Marx call it a contradiction in terms? I Hassan's anecdotes  

Opinions: Global

AM Rosenthal in the New York Times: America's Himalayan Error

Halting the Slide to War Henry Kissinger opines on what must happen to halt the Indo-Pak hostilities

India, Pak & GE  Thomas 'Globalization' Friedman prefers General Electric over Powell   

Opinions: Indian

Praveen Swami in Frontline: Bandar Kya Jane Adrak Ka Swad

A.G.Noorani on the aborted deal

Prakash Karat on the CPI(M) position

B Raman on Intelligence Failure

Praveen Swami in Frontline: The Cover Up

Maj. Gen. Ashok Mehta: Kargil != Siachen

Rasheeda Bhagat on the Kargil reaction in Pak

TVR Shenoy in the Indian Express: Nawaz was not Democracy

Amrita Abraham in the Indian Express: Musharraf is not bad news

François Gautier on Islamic separatism  

K Subrahmanyam in TOI on Pak's Costs  

Praveen Sawmi in Frontline on dealings with APHC  

B Raman: Pak terror and the US  

Praveen Swamy on GOI's Offensive Strategy  

Prakash Karat: BJP's Make-Believe World  

Myths about the Indo-Pak Relationship  

The Root Cause of Alienation Mehbooba Mufti Hard Talks on her post-election Kashmir agenda  

Chasing a Mirage in Kashmir Navnita Chadha Behera in Asia Times


South Asia Analysis Group 

Lt. Gen VR Raghavan, DGMO, Delhi Policy Gr.

An Army Caught Napping

The many roads to Kargil

New Offensive in Kashmir

Kargil Subrahmanyam  Committee Report 

The 1999 Kargil Summit at Blair House  Bruce Riedel recounts events in UPenn-CASI policy paper 

Analyse This Whither the Muslim World?

N. Ram on India's Nuclear Dreams

Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali: Pakistan should sign CTBT  


Pakistan's Nuclear Mess Eric Margolis speculates about an unspoken 'joint control' deal

Deja Vu All Over Again Leonard Weiss on nuclear transfers 


India's Nuclear Bomb

India and Pakistan : The First Fifty Years (Woodrow Wilson Center Series). Selig S. Harrison(Editor), et al.

India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir Dispute : On Regional Conflict and Its Resolution. Robert G. Wirsing.

India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir Dispute : On Regional Conflict and Its Resolution. Robert G. Wirsing.

India, Pakistan, and the United States : Breaking With the Past. Shirin Tahir-Kheli, Shirin R. Tahir-Kheli.

Kashmir, 1947 : Rival Versions of History. Prem Shankar Jha.

The United States and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,. William Norman Brown.

War and Secession : Pakistan, India, and the Creation of Bangladesh. Richard Sisson, Leo E. Rose.

The 1972 Simla Agreement (Foreign Policy Institute Case Studies, No 11). Imtiaz H. Bokhari.

The 1972 Simla Agreement : An Asymmetrical Negotiation (Foreign Policy Institute Case Studies, No 11). Imtiaz H. Bokhari, Thomas Perry Thornton.

The Betrayal of East Pakistan. Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi.

Brasstacks and Beyond : Perception and Management of Crisis in South Asia. Kanti P. Bajpai(Editor), University of Illinois at Urbana.

Civil-Military Relations in South Asia : Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Veena Kukreja.

Conquering Kashmir : A Pakistani Obsession. K.K. Nanda.

Dialogue of the Deaf : The India-Pakistan Divide. D.D. Khanna, Kishore Kumar.

Divided Kashmir : Old Problems, New Opportunities for India, Pakistan, and the Kashmiri People. Mushtaqur Rahman.

Elite Forces of India and Pakistan (Osprey Military Elite Series, No 41). Ken Conboy, et al.

The Great Divide (New Edition) : Britain - India - Pakistan. H. V. Hodson.

India-Pakistan(2 Volume Set : The History of Unsolved Conflicts. Lars Blinkenberg.

India-Pakistan Relations, 1962-1969. Denis Wright.

India-Pakistan-Bangladesh. Milton J. Belasco.

Indo-Pak Relations : A Documentary Study. Sreedhar, John Kaniyalil.

Indo-Pakistan Relations : From the Tashkent Agreement to the Simla Agreement. Gulab Mishra, Gulab Mishra Prakhar.

Military Capacity and the Risk of War : China, India, Pakistan and Iran (Sipri Monographs). Eric H. Arnett(Editor).


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