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Grandpoohbah went to the Hermit Kingdom, the Land of the Morning Calm (see map .)



Kyongbukkung    Admiral Yi     Street Signs, Seoul     Khwangmun          Kyongbukking Roofs
The Korean Imperial palace compound, razed by the Japanese occupation forces. Admiral Yi Sun-shin, he of the Turtle Boats Hangul Signs The South Gate of the Imperial Complex Roofs of the Concubines' Enclosure, Kyongbukkung
Detail, Palace Wall   Masks  Palace Guard Scribes: Then   ... and now
Stone, cement and brick work Wooden Masks, Hanguk Mingsok Chan Guarding the City Hall palace Calligraphist, Seoul Busy at homework, Hanguk Mingsok Chan
Woodwork Wandering Monk   Bride  Still Life with Kimchi
Lacquered boxes, inlaid boxes, wood carving TV actor dresses as monk, Hanguk Mingsok Chan Traditional wedding ceremony Pickled Peppered Cabbage
DMZ    Third Tunnel of Aggression   Manchurian Cranes
Barbed Wire at Friendship Bridge North Korean Tunnel into South Korea Undisturbed inhabitants of the DMZ



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