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  GrandPoohBah went up the Nile (see map .)

 Cairo     Alexandria    Luxor-Karnak  Abu Simbel   Philae


Cairo Skyline Mohammed Ali Mosque: Outside ... and Inside
Sultan Hassan Mosque Turkish/Byzantine Architecture Jewelled Domes
Giza Plateau The Pyramids   Khufu's Pyramid   Inside The Solar Boat
Chephre's Pyramid, Giza Plateau 2500 BC, Old Dynasty Surface of the Great Pyramid 'Queens' Chamber The Pharaoh's boat to sail away at night and return with the dawn
The Sphinx       Lit up at Night
Nose shot off by Turkish Army on target practice Son et Lumiere
Egypt Museum  King Tut    (side view)   Menkaure
Colossi, Egypt Museum 27 kg gold & lapis New Dynasty, 1600 BC Schist bas-relief, 2500 BC
Alexandria: Montaza  Cleopatra's Bridge  Al-Corniche from Far  Alexandria Quintet
Moorish/Florentine: Royal Summer Palace Mediterranean Blue Augustus fought Cleopatra's fleet here Fishermen of Alex
Luxor: Nile View Valley of the Kings  Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amun  Valley of the Queens  Tomb of Hat-Shep-Sut
Boats on the East Bank of the Nile @ Luxor View in the direction of Gurna from top of Valley of Kings Guard outside King Tut's tomb Mausoleum of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut Detail, tomb of Hatshepsut
Nefertari's Tomb Dazzling  Art
3rd chamber -- Isis & Nefertari 2nd Chamber: Guardians
Karnak: Avenue of the Rams  Karnak:  Hypostele Hall Luxor:   Temple at Night Obelisk and Temple Face
Ram-Sphinxes Forest of Papyrus Columns Luxor Temple  Columns at Night Entrance to Luxor Temple
  Abu Simbel: Moonset    ... and Sunrise   Rameses II Temple of Hathor
Moonset over Abu Simbel Sunrise over Abu Simbel Statues rescued from Lake Nasser Goddess of Domesticity
  Philae: Agilika Island     Philae Temple  Window into the past
Around Cleopatra VII's time (0BC-200AD) Graeco-Roman Influences? Intricately carved windows




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