Barrier Reef
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SL00589_.wmf (6982 bytes)   GrandPoohBah went diving in the Great Barrier Reef (see  map).


Extrepid Implorer Green Island  Tiger Shark  Coral    Sinking feeling 
On the way to Green Island and Osprey Reef from Cairns About 2 hrs away from Cairns by sailboat A bunch of inquisitive tiger sharks come to investigate the boat Osprey Reef About 30m deep
At the bottom Hello!   Sting Ray Underwater Broccoli?    Ate a football?
Touching bottom at 40m Welcome to my world! A giant black sting ray at Osprey Reef Dendronephyta Don't know the name (Surgeon Fish?)
Nibble Darting minnows  Yikes!   Schools close          Back up to the surface      
Eating anemones Small darting schools The S word Schools close around you Back up in 3 12m stages
Red Reef Sunset Mermaid
Back to the shore