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Decline of the West?
Playboy of the Roman World
Tagore and His India
The Last Days of Nietzsche
The Last Laugh - Nirad C
Discreet Charm of Nihilism
The Revolution That Didn't Happen - Weinberg
The Rose of Paracelsus - Borges
Tagore and His India - Amaryta Sen
In Search of the Arab Soul
On the Pursuit of the Ideal - Isaiah Berlin
The Road to Morocco
What Do Women Want?
Bloom's All-Time Greatest Hits
The Way We Live Now
Voltaire's Grin
Something for the Boys
What Confucius Said
Looking for the Center
The Lost World of Albert Camus
The Outsider
India: The Perils of Democracy
Population: Delusion and Reality
India: The Seed of Destruction
Indian English
Edmund Wilson in Benares
India: The Imprint of Empire
On Political Judgment
The First and the Last
The Last Bengali Renaissance Man

The Other India

Africa: A Biography

Augustine of Hippo  

Plato's Grand Design  

A Spirit of Their Own  

The Cheapest Country

Kashmir: The Birth of Tragedy

Live and Let Live  

The Lure of Syracuse  

The Razor's Edge